The Lost Keep

A rousing yarn... Everything a fantasy novel should be...

                                        -Christopher Stasheff
                      Best Selling Author of the "Warlock Series"

Written by United States Air Force veteran (and Dungeons & Dragons veteran!) Charles Embrey
Jr., The Lost Keep is a medieval fantasy adventure written especially for young adults yet
enjoyable for readers of all ages. A classic good-versus-evil parable, The Lost Keep follows the
training of a knight and would-be hero. For only twenty-four hours each century, the mysterious
Keep of Kaywall appears; the knight must brave its depths and rescue the princess within that
time, or be consigned to the keep's prison for eras unending. Yet a further malefic force lurks
behind the surface challenge! A rousing quest, sure to keep the reader entertained from cover to
Midwest Book Review

The Lost Keep  is a fantastic journey of magic, friendship, and courage.  Charles Embrey has
woven a tale with characters that are a wonderful mixture of fantasy and human emotion.  This
story is a sheer delight to read, and I am eagerly awaiting his future novels.
 -Dr. William Schuh
                                Author of "Gathering Pearls"

Wow!  What a terrific story!  I think this is a great book for anyone interested in medieval fantasy.  
Your writing style enables me to envision each scene in my mind's eye in detail as if it were a
movie.  You have a knowledge of non-fantasy medieval life, which adds a touch of reality to your
story.....kudos!  Characters so real that I care and I'm curious as to what will happen to them!   
There's a good balance of action, humor, and tragedy and the storyline is unpredictable enough
to keep me guessing as to what is going to happen next.

                                  -Stephanie French, University of Illinois
                                   Chambana Medievalists President
                                   Chatelaine for the
Shire of Wurm Wald,
Society  for Creative Anachronism (SCA), Midrealm

Beyond the Black River Styx

"An excellent book, blending the familiar with the fantastical, neatly tied together by characters
with true heart and soul. Highly recommended!" --
Nene Thomas and Steven Plagman, artist and
authors of The Zarryiostrom.