About The John W. Nick Foundation
John W. Nick Foundation, Inc.

Created November 9, 1995 in memory of
John W. Nick who died from breast cancer
June 11, 1991 at the age of 58.

A non-profit organization focused on educating
the public about the dangers of
male breast cancer.

John W. Nick died far too soon.  He was well educated and a respected member of the New York Stock
Exchange for 35 years.  "Jack," as everyone knew him, was a successful businessman who truly
enjoyed life.  He shared his good fortune not only with his friends and family, but also those who were
less fortunate than he. John was married for thirty-five years, had six children, and would now be the
proud grandfather of 19 grandchildren. But Jack left his family far too early because doctors missed the
warning signs of male breast cancer. Jack and his family had no knowledge that men can get breast
cancer too.  

In the age that we live the story of John Nick is, sadly, not that uncommon. What makes John’s story
so unique is the fact that he died prematurely from a disease that's long been associated with women.
And, men around the world are dying from this disease at an ever-increasing rate.

Having worked in Pathology for over 30 years I have personally seen the denial and disbelief when a
man is diagnosed with Breast cancer.  Too often I hear the words "But I'm a man.  I can't get breast
cancer!"   It is time the whole story about breast cancer were told and the disease eradicated in both
women and men.  I have pledged 10% of my book royalties from my publisher to the Nick Foundation
to carry on this fight.  Please help spread the word.

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