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Audio by-  C.R. E. III
The Lost Keep,  Beyond the Black River Styx,  Web Photos and descriptions copyrighted, Charles Embrey Jr.
The Lost Keep
Beyond the Black River Styx
Seven-year-old Clovis, son of a humble blacksmith, comes of age when Athena requests
his service as her Paladin. Ten years later, he finds himself neck deep in his first epic
quest. Legend tells of a cursed Keep lost in the mists of time in a long forgotten northern
realm. Combine a drunken, boastful king with his beautiful daughter, and add in a vain, evil
goddess. The resulting curse tells of a centennial reappearance of the keep and
imprisoned princess. Clovis must avoid the traps, vanquish the minions and rescue the
princess within the 24 hour period or find himself the newest prisoner of the lost keep.

Clovis, our young paladin, is getting some well-earned rest after his first major quest,
when tragic news turns his entire world upside down.  Suddenly he is thrust into a frenzied
world of new responsibilities, tough choices and tremendous sacrifice.  As doors are shut
behind him, new ones appear in some highly unexpected places and our young paladin
learns more about himself and the gods of Olympus than he ever felt possible.  The
weight of his world bears down on his shoulders as he approaches the Styx, River of the
Dead.  His choices will either doom all around him or thrust him into legend