Charles Embrey Jr. was born into a military family. He learned much about human nature and
cultural differences through the family's travels with his father as he was assigned to different
Air Force Bases. Charles learned to make friends easily and to adapt quickly to his new
surroundings. He graduated from High School in the family’s home state of Mississippi: his
thirteenth school in twelve years.

Nomadic life agreed with Charles: He enlisted into the United States Air Force immediately after
High School.  As a young Airman he was introduced to fantasy adventure gaming through
Dungeons and Dragons. He had found a new pastime.  Charles was never content with the
superficial approach to gaming. He designed elaborate, believable gaming scenarios with
characters that came to life and gave new meaning to the game.  Marriage and fatherhood
placed his gaming scenarios on the back burner until his own retirement from the Air Force. He
resides in Kentucky with his bride, Barbara.  He has three older children,  Mandy, in Ohio,  
Anthony and Charlie, both in Indiana.  By the way, Anthony is the model for the cover of  
the Black River Styx

Charles holds a Bachelor's of Science in Business and is certified as a Pathologists' Assistant.  
He works at a large hospital in Indiana and now spends his free time writing spellbinding fiction
based on the elaborate gaming scenarios from his past. Charles’ talent comes to light in his
believable characters that capture the reader’s imagination in a fantasy world. He has
successfully resurrected those characters from his gaming days, and he has given them new
life in his fantasy fiction to delight readers everywhere.

Photos by Deane Geiken -Paxton Digital Photography,
The Lost Keep, Beyond the Black River Styx,  Web Photos and descriptions copyrighted, Charles Embrey Jr.
About the Author
“We are shackled to this Earth and existence by our bodies, but our minds and imaginations, unencumbered by the laws of
reality and the infirmities of age, are free to break these bonds and soar free to travel through time, dimensions and enjoy a
reality of our own choosing.”  - Charles Embrey Jr.